The Henry Timrod Death Manuscript

As you may know, for years now I have been making up and spreading rumors about The Ghost of the Mercantile Library, as I firmly believe  a reputation for being haunted is just what this place needs to improve its old timey cache.  Unfortunately, despite the blood curdling photographic evidence seen above, I just can’t get anything to stick.

If only I had some sort of grisly supporting document, like SOME membership libraries I could name. Yeah, I’m talking about you, The Charleston Library Society.

-Norm De Plume

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  1. I’m convinced that the Merc’s ghost is not only legit but can turn milk blue!

  2. In addition, his special haunting powers include causing tooth decay, and, over a lifetime, diabetes.

  3. Poor Norm, NONE of the Merc’s patrons were ghoulish enough to hang on to blood-stained documents instead of disposing of them like normal people? We’ll have to ship you a few good Southern “eccentrics” for members…

  4. Oh, please please do. Southern eccentrics are second only to ghosts when it comes to old timey cache upping.

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