A conversation during which I would really like to have been a fly on the wall

I was checking in a couple of Richard Condon books and, out of curiosity, looked him up and discovered this story.  Condon, who went on to write many great books, most famous among them The Manchurian Candidate, had achieved modest success in Hollywood as a publicist and ad writer.  He complained to his boss that Hollywood was a waste of his time and that what he really wanted to do was write novels.  Without his knowledge, the boss, Max E. Youngstein, began secretly deducting money from Condon’s salary.  After a year he fired Condon and handed him the keys to a Mexican house overlooking the ocean and the money he had deducted and squirreled away in a Mexican Bank account for the aspiring novelist.  Seriously–how did that conversation go?   “Richard, I’m tired of your complaining.  You’re fired.  And by the way . . . ”      -Ed Scripsi

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