Swill Party

We guess we have to be gracious about Oktober Fest since it’s a downtown thing and we’re a downtown thing, but we find ourselves unable to restrain ourself from saying that while we can see some point to sitting under a well-made tent in a platz in downtown Muenchen sipping thick, slippery nutritious Bavarian bier from scrupulously clean glass steins, we just can’t quite work up enthusiasm for standing in the middle of Fifth Street under a blazing September chugging watery Lite dishwater pumped into flexible plastic cups the way they do it here. Nor are we fans of Ohiowurst on Styrofoam. And we find the endlessly perky polka music to be a form of turture. So we have to say that we are glad it is the non-blogger’s turn and not ours to take Saturday duty tomorrow. If you do plan to come in, you might want to bring those nice Bose noise canceling thingies you bought yourself with your tax refund. While the splendid weatherization job we ordered up for our huge windows cuts down on much noise, those polkas find a way through.

-Nemo Wolfe

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