Mercantile Members, 1835 – 1870

After historian and punishment glutton Bob Vitz spent several years squinting at page after page of the nearly illegible 19th century handwriting in our surviving records (in order to complete a new history of the Mercantile – more on that later), he went back through the minute books from our early board meetings and compiled a handy list of some of our earliest members.  You can find it in downloadable spreadsheet form at the bottom of this page on our new website.

Are any of YOUR forebears in our original membership?  Which is the most amusing old timey name on the list?  Was there really a Library member named Abraham Abraham?  The answers to these questions and more await your click.

Let’s hope Bob spends the next month or so in a darkened room, staring at an imaginary point in the middle distance, until his eyes uncross.  As you can see, that old timey writing can be a bear.

-Norm De Plume

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  1. Wow, that’s even before we became members. I’m impressed.

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