Librarian Lunch Review: TJ’s Lunch

Our pal CityKin turned us on to the existence of TJ’s Lunch, a new lunch venue on Court Street.  As you can see, TJ’s Lunch offers a bare bones Korean menu featuring only four items (since the photo on CityKin was taken they’ve added TJ’s Chicken to the menu).  Ed kindly offered to bike down in the 1,000+ degree weather yesterday to grab a round of lunches.  Here’s what your favorite Librarian web loggers had to say about the experience.

Nemo had the Bul Go Gi ($5.99).

The excessively large serving of beef and rice was worth repeating as was the dumpling.  The bagged iceberg and broccoli salad was not.  Why not just dish up some kimchee?”

Norm had the $5 Pork Bul Go Gi ($4.99).

“I rather enjoyed this $5 mountain of not altogether unappetizing food, and as an added bonus, I did not become violently sick later on.  TJ’s probably won’t bring to mind the exotic flavors of Seoul, but it just might bring to mind the passable flavors of a slightly better Korean restaurant.”

Ed had TJ’s Chicken ($4.99).

“The salad had fresh broccoli and the TJ’s chicken was tangy and tasty—a good lunch at a good price.  If only they offered a vegetarian option this lunch joint would be ‘the bomb’.”

There you have it.  Unless you behave yourselves, we just MAY make this a recurring feature on the Stacked web log, although I doubt Julie at Wine Me Dine Me is shaking in her espadrilles.

-Norm De Plume

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  1. Not the Mercantile’s first venture into food commentary!

  2. Hopefully not our last, either. Maybe we’ll try Taqueria Mercado next.

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