No cause for alarm


We hasten to assure our readers that however much we dislike air conditioning in principle for all the reasons laid out in Losing Our Cool, are loath to give up the four sleek and efficient air handlers and their associated rooftop condensers that now keep the Library at a damned near perfect temperature. We have spent far too many hours wiping the collection clean of the layers of coal gunk that came through the open windows between 1835 and 1978 to wish to go back to primal cooling. So the New! Quiet! cooling system will continue to purr throughout the summer. But we must ask our readers, do you not find it eerie to motor through the streets of our city and its surrounding suburbs seeing no children at play? Surely there must be some connection between today’s kiddies lolling about in chilled recreation rooms and the national corpulence dilemma. We used to hang out in trees ourselves when heat became a problem. It’s always nice and cool in a tree.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. It’s always nice and cool in a bank.

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