The Periodical Table

We’re tired of waiting for people to ask us, “Nemo, exactly what magazines do you reach for when you need something to go with that tuna sub when Mrs Wolfe is too busy running up tepees for the Wolfe grandcubs to assemble one of her unequalled chopped-veg-and-hummus wraps for the hungry librarian so there’s no point in pedaling home for lunch?” We are sure you want to know. The answer is: Washington Monthly, the NYT Magazine, NYT Book Review, Monocle, and Dwell. Of these, the one we hope you will reach for with your own tuna sub is the Washington Monthly. Charles Peters, who invented the magazine and who is one of the best friends a democracy ever had, is still writing the front of the book in his own particular and excellent style. And there is always something to rouse the democratic republican citizen indignation. Most of its lightly paid writers are breaking into reporting. They usually go on to big assignments at bigger magazines, but they go with the ethos and experience of Washington Monthly, and that’s good for the country. We’ve already read the current issue, so there will be no waiting when you come in.

We read Dwell and Monocle to justify the hideous expense of their subscriptions.

-Nemo Wolfe

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