Algorithms and You

Techmeme, itself a website/news provider with an algorithm for determining content, has published a spoof of a New York Times editorial on “The Google Algorithm”, about how algorithms are enhancing/ruining our lives by determining content.  Of course this could be a lot scarier–we could be dealing with an “Al Gore Rhythm”.  It’s all fine and good that he invented the Internet and is now crusading to save the world, but I saw him on Saturday Night Live once, and in the bit at the end, where they all dance, things got pretty gruesome.

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  1. You just have to wonder if Tipper’s trading up to someone with real dancing skills.

  2. […] based on the music you’re currently listening to.  We at Stacked are huge friends of such algorithms, as well as “Al Gore Rhythms”, so a similar computerized tool for finding new reading […]

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