Weekend Reading: French and Hitch

We took Hitch 22 with us on our weekend run to Greater Detroitland.  It was our own personal copy – Mrs. Wolfe’s, to be absolutely correct – so we didn’t hog the ML copy, and it’s a good thing we did, because we left the memoir in a corner of the filial dining room with, perhaps, five pages unread.  Can we count on our offspring to post it back to us in today’s mail?  We certainly hope so, as it is a marvelous memoir.  Or book.  We don’t read biographies or memoirs ordinarily, so we have no real basis for comparison.  But we will tell you that we laughed out loud time and again, often at the bizarre Hitchens/Amis/Rushdie word games.  We wish we had known how funny Sir S. was when he was here.  We would have plied him w/ Scotch to get him rolling.  We did know how funny Hitchens was, and we have told you about how amusing his firing up a gasper in the UC lecture hall was, and how it was necessary to insert ourself between him and Mrs. Wolfe at the booksigning line, haven’t we?

Also reading Faithful Place, the new Tana French.  Tana French, if you are unaware, is an excellent, excellent,excellent crime writer, so we were justified in snagging it from the still-uncatalogued and not actually released by publisher pile.  We will have it back in time for the release date unless Mrs. Wolfe tackles it.  She is an equally huge fan

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. I too am reading Hitch 22 and am enjoying it very much. However, Chris must think he is in a “Big Word” contest, as he simply goes out of his way to use the most obscure, and I think even made-up, words to try to confound the reader. Granted he is British, and they do love their wordy words.

    I had no idea he has lived such an interesting life, and am glad he put it into print.

  2. He actually talks that way. Makes one envious of an English education, it does.

  3. I was looking for more info on a rumored exhibit of Elizabeth Nourse journals supposedly scheduled for the fall, and found this blog. Love it!! All too few book reviews around and I read.

  4. We will make a trip to town and get it out to you ASAP!

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