Life is, now and again, more than reading

Richard Wagner cut heavily into the weekend reading time, entailing 6hrs. & 45 minutes door to door (walking) from the Wolfe lair to Music Hall and back for the stupendous Cincinnati Opera Meistersinger production, and that was after 6 hrs. at the old ML on Saturday duty (not much traffic on a scorching day, but an interesting group of four large format photographic hobbyists came in for a job-dropping gander that elicited such pleasant remarks as “We have nothing like this in Toronto. Nothing.”) where our reading was mostly a long look at the three – make that two and a half – dailies. Our companion at the opera, a New Yorker, thought the CSO would have played measurably better under the absent morbidly obese local boy, but we thought they were splendid enough, and the singing was hair raising in the best way. And who knew crazy old Richard was capable of such subtle thoughts about art? He did get a little rabid at the end, but there was all kinds of good lit on the way. We had planned this year only to see the one show which cost the earth, but now we’re set on seeing Otello, which is about as gorgeous as it gets, and Mrs Wolfe has said she’ll go, so hang the expense.

We’re in the middle of The Man From Beijing, the new Henning Mankell. So far, so good.

-Nemo Wolfe

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