Michael Gruber- The Good Son

The Stacked Web Log has recommended Michael Gruber to you before.  More than once, even.  Today I would like to do so again.  His newest, The Good Son, is excellent.  As usual, I’ll point you elsewhere for an in depth review by a professional, but I will say that I especially recommend this book to fans of crappy, mindless, terrorist pummeling, superhuman superspy thriller pablum (ahem. cough cough. etc. etc.), because I believe this is a genre whose bar is in dire need of raising.  Despite a dearth of evidence to the contrary, action and good writing are NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE.  In fact, they are like unto chocolate and peanut butter.  It’s okay to demand more from your reading material.

Since I’m sick of getting complaints from Jungian analysis enthusiasts and comparative religious studies nuts who feel left out of this blog, I can easily recommend this book to you guys as well.

-Norm De Plume

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  1. Leave my anima out of this!

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