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That moist Jabberwock of a Cincinnati season is almost upon us, and so it is time once again to seek respite in idleness, books and booze, or if at all possible in the reading of books about booze. Norm came across this Slate article, written with a predilection for that prince among liquors, gin, on some titles for tipplers.

Lo and behold, your library has the author’s number one pick, The Hour, by Bernard Augustine De Voto, from which comes the illustration.  For Mr. De Voto, Patriotism, Virtue and Morality–in short, the character of a man, a woman, or a nation, are determined by a single criterion: whether they prefer fruity rum drinks or whiskey, straight.   -Ed Scripsi

“. . . in austere dedication to American culture I now venture into a field where no one can say anything without being violently attacked — and attacked by virtuous men who err only through ignorance, not sin.  One of our greatest arts is in danger.  The worst is, this threat comes from schismatics and heretics within our small band of true believers who should be of one united heart to hold frontiers against the heathen.  Error stalks the streets and disputation has brought darkness over the land.  I am not one to withhold the light . . . To recall to wisdom to some who have sought but not found it, I proceed to explain the philosophy of the martini cocktail.”

-Bernard Augustine De Voto

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