The Whale – Philip Hoare

I’m about half done with this book, and I can already enthusiastically recommend it to fans of things nautical, cetacean, historical, and/or well written.  Like many really compelling works of non-fiction, this book makes me dream of doing impossible things, like, say, traveling back to mid-19th century Nantucket, or diving 3,000 feet below the sea to watch a sperm whale feed, or reading Moby-Dick.

Good stuff, and just the thing to pick up for a chapter or two here and there.

-Norm De Plume

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  1. […] also snatched Philip Hoare’s The Whale off the new arrivals shelf on our way to CVG because Norm said it was good and we trust him, and he still has a job, so it wasn’t a cruel joke.  Non-fiction, don’t you […]

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