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If you’re reading Stacked, and you are, and you’ve ceased to be amused by the helmet flap, which would be understandable, or if you’ve ever wondered if Stacked is the only smartass membership blog, we, with some hesitation, refer you to Shh!, the blog of the Charleston Library Society. We hesitate because we are just a little afraid that your visit may have you packing your bags and heading for the enchanted peninsula, never to return. Please don’t do that. You are needed here. It’s OK to visit the blog though. It’s exceptionally good.

This is week three of the Saturday Tours of the Great Works at the Mercantile. Weeks one and two went well enough, although the tours ran nearly an hour each. This week’s session may go a little more briskly as the tour leader was seen to slip the as-yet-uncatologued copies of the new Lee Child and the new John Sandford in the executive backpack on his way home last night. So he will be in a hurry to get back home to the club chair and the bottle of Gordon’s to resume reading. It’s strictly against Library policy to grab the new books ahead of the paying customers. But what can you do? He is a fast reader and can be expected to bring them back. He told us that he started the new Jack Reacher before turning in which caused him to have chilling Jack Reacher nightmares, something that does not happen with, say, Leo Tostoy.

-Nemo Wolfe

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