The Great Stacked Bike Helmet Debate: Resolved At Last


C’mon you two.  I can’t stand to see my fellow web loggers beefing, especially over something as silly as whether bicyclists should wear helmets or not.  The solution is simple:  if you think the 100% chance that a modern bike helmet will make you look like a dork outweighs the rather small chance you will get creamed by a car while biking (or if you happen to be one of those “live fast, leave a non-dorky looking corpse” types), don’t wear a helmet.  If you suspect that some motorists would just as soon take you and your bike out as look at you (or if you’re incurably dorky looking to begin with), wear a helmet.

See?  It’ that simple.  Now let’s go back to agreeing on everything all the time, beginning with the following statement:  No one should ever ever ever ever wear one of these.

-Norm De Plume

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  1. I usually don’t wear a helmet when casually biking around the suburbs, just on trails and in traffic. So many nice designs of helmets exist that looking like a dork isn’t much of an argument. You’ll look like a dork regardless on a bike.

    That being said, I think the bike beret will be a lucky family member’s white elephant gift come December…

  2. Since my brother once had his life saved by a bike helmet, I’m staunchly pro… er, them. However, even I lack the audacity to claim that bike helmets don’t make you look dorky.

  3. […] you’re reading Stacked, and you are, and you’ve ceased to be amused by the helmet flap, which would be understandable, or if you’ve ever wondered if Stacked is the only smartass […]

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