Brandenburg Gate & One Good Dog & Do We Have To Take Ed’s Pieties About Helmet’s Seriously?

Just because it’s bike month doesn’t mean we’ve stopped reading. Saturday we read Brandenburg Gate by Henry Porter because we had read the Bell Ringers by the very same political columnist and thought it was splendid and it turned out that Brandenburg Gate is also splendid so now we have read one of his political pieces for the Guardian, a sanctimonious broadsheet which we quite dislike, and the piece turned out to be in favor of Proportional Representation which we have howled down every time the Cincinnati Sauvignon Blancs bring it up but since we think Henry Porter is brilliant, we will have to consider it.

Sunday we read One Good Dog by Susan Wilson because we had ordered it and only Portia had read it and we were a little nervous that the Non Blogger would discover that we were back to our old tricks of ordering up books that no one reads and, wouldn’t you know, it turned out to be a powerfully moving story about redemption and a pit bull that had us blubbering like a complete ninny at the end.

So now we are through with our weekend reading and ready to do battle with the evil helmet forces and their Black Prince Scripsi who is addicted to speed and should probably wear a helmet when he runs the spiral to 12, and perhaps that’s what we’ll make him do until he admits that the most important thing to do for bicycling safety is to get people out there on bicycles in great numbers so that motorists will expect to see them.

The second most important thing to do is to get Cincinnati to join the movement to reducing the default city speed limit to 20mph as enlightened cities and London neighborhoods are doing, and we’ll be beating that drum until our readers beg for mercy.

-Nemo Wolfe

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