National Bike to Work Week Mere Weeks Away course the true meaning of Bike to Work Week is free coffee and or breakfast.  Sure there’s the camaraderie, the solidarity and all that guff, but to be perfectly honest, when I’m biking to work in the morning, I’m ornery as hell and am biking, as opposed to riding public transportation, precisely to avoid being anywhere in the proximity of my fellow humans.  It’s the bike home that I really enjoy, the tires whizzing over the pavement, the first cocktail of the day balanced carefully on the handlebars.  Anyone interested in bike month activities in Cincinnati should consult the Queen City Bike Bike Month Calendar or their blogsite, bursting with the surfeit of bike-related activities available to the social cyclist in Cincinnati.  If Tuesday wasn’t LOST night, I’d definitely have gone to Grammer’s to view a velocipede-related film.  Admittedly, the fervor of bike month has infected me somewhat.  I’ve actually organized a group ride, consisting entirely of librarians from Spring Grove village–all two of us.  We’ll probably shoot for the breakfast on the Purple People (Eater) Bridge the 21st.  Or, if it looks like rain, try for Iris in OTR the morning prior.  In other news, I have yet to get any sort of response on the “Mercantile en masse” ride in which Mercantile staff, members, and friends ride while paying scrupulous attention to any and all traffic laws.  And frankly, I’m shocked–who wouldn’t want to go for a bike ride with Cincinnati’s very own Nemo Wolfe?  (Who doesn’t actually know that he’s going on this ride, but rest assured, he is).

-Ed Scripsi

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