Inaugural 2010 Bike Month Post

It’s Bike Month in America, which means that for the next four weeks bicycling entries may be muscling out book entries in this, the city’s fourth most admirable blog, and if you can’t live with that, well, just set your timer for June 1 when we will be back to normal. If you find off-mission our involving the Library in the battle to make bicycling a normal state of affairs for greater Cincinnatians, we remind that we have but one location, and that cannot be changed. We remind you further that our healthy existence in the heart of the old city depends on a healthy attractive neighborhood, and amongst the most telling hallmarks of good neighborhood health is a thriving bicycle culture. You may not be ready to ride your bike into our neighborhood (although if the city’s ambitious draft cycling plan is adopted, you may reconsider), but we hope you will try cycling through your own neck of the woods to pick up your next fill-in grocery order. Consider how healthy your neighborhood is and how tolerant your own neighbors are when it comes to sharing the road for which your property taxes pay. And we will remind you, as we end this rather preachy post, that the bicycle gathering dust in your garage requires none of that sticky crude making a mess of the southern coast.

-Nemo Wolfe

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