Founding Father seriously undermines virtuous image with whopping library fine

There was a day when people still respected and feared library fines, when a due date meant something, or so I thought, until the story of George Washington’s $300,000 library fine, owed to the New York Society Library, surfaced. The worst part of this BBC story is the smug tone they adopt as if to say: see, the George you traded for our George wasn’t so bloody virtuous after all, viz: “George Washington did not even bother to sign his name in the borrower’s ledger. An aide simply scrawled ‘president’ next to the title to show who had taken them out.”  Apparently the fine came to light during a digitization project, so I’m hoping we’ll discover some trace of Samuel Clemens or Lafcadio Hearn on a future digitization project, to give reality to our recent wishful thinking.  -Ed Scripsi

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  1. Brian Williams, who gives hope to all Americans whose faces have been caught in closing doors, reported this story in punchy current sentence fragmental style on national news without mentioning the Society Library. Should be taken to task.

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