iPadding our expense account

The Math Whiz was in yesterday. She wasn’t exactly flaunting her iPad, but it was the little gadget’s second visit to the Reading Room, and it couldn’t help but catch our eye, even in its self-effacing little black jacket. We asked MW to fire it up again for us, which she did. It does have a pretty picture. OK. It’s a ravishing picture. The Math Whiz has put the Kindle app on the iPad which means that the formerly adored Kindle is pretty much dead meat, collecting dust in a corner of the Whiz house while the i-pad gets all the play time and all the new books from the Amazon Kindle store. What does this have to do with the little library that time forgot? We were thinking about laying in five or so Kindles for the collection, loading a few newish books on each, thereby allowing members to check out the Kindle just like a real Danielle Steel. Now we don’t know what to do, just like we don’t know what to do about getting out of the cd audiobook biz and into the MP3 book biz. Will gadget-hip members simply bypass the Kindle and go straight to the iPad? What will we do with the cd shelf space?


-Nemo Wofle

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  1. In addition to Kindle books, an iPad can handle books in the ePub format, audio books, Google Books and Project Gutenberg books on the internet, and any of the scores of dedicated book apps available in the App Store.

    Plus, you can play Ms Pac Man on it.

  2. Oh, now I have to go download Ms Pac Man!

  3. Do be careful. We ran into carpal tunnel problems from the PacMan family in the years before Spider Solitaire was available to fill our procrastination needs.

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