John Banville- The Infinities

We are proud of ourself for following through on the action suggested in our most recent random book grab, which is to say that when we found ourself at home and bookless last week we actually remembered that we wanted to read the new John Banville (The Infinities), so we revived the Kindle with a nearby paper clip, which is what you have to do if you’ve gone to long without using it, went to the Kindle store, found that Banville and his publisher had quite rightly agreed to a Kindle version, and bought it. That paper clip trick, by the way, was learned in a very pleasant chat with the Amazon help-human who was not in the least condescending and sounded as though he might actually be in Seattle although we know there are ambitious, theatrically-minded help-humans in Bangalore and Madras who have learned to fake a Pacific Northwest accent so well that you would never guess.

We have the actual physical book on the shelf here, and we strongly suggest you come up with a good excuse to slip away from the desk or the ironing board to get here and grab it because it is quite wonderful, being a day in the life of an English household where the paterfamilias, the man who figured out cold fusion, lies in a post-stroke coma while his family cope with dysfunctional paterfamilias syndrome, unaware that Hermes, Zeus, and Pan are meddling with everything. It’s really quite wonderful.

My suggestion is that you call in and reserve it unless you yourself are wingfooted.

-Nemo Wolfe

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