“. . . the audience shouted “author? author?” – a plaster bust of Shakespeare was brought out. It was laughed off stage.”

We at the Mercantile have a special affection for questions of Shakespearean authorship.  Whether the question has been answered or not, we still have the Morse Johnson collection dedicated to the subject.  So it’s exciting that “Double Hoax” is being touted as The Real Deal.  But is it?  The title sounds suspiciously like a new Dan Brown blockbuster.   When you consider that most plays of Shakespeare’s period were collaborations, the reams of scholarship, pro and con, seem completely insufficient to draw any reliable conclusion from the mists of time.  Here’s the link to the BBC story.   Seems this play might well have been justifiably tossed into the dustbin of history, but whether the play’s the thing or not, the literary sleuthing is pretty interesting.  -Ed Scripsi

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