David Simon in the NYT Magazine

I, Norm De Plume, hereby declare today, March 22nd, 2010, Start Getting Really Excited About David Simon’s Upcoming Talk at the Mercantile Day.  I further declare every day between now and June 7th, 2010 Continue Getting More and More Excited Every Day About David Simon’s Upcoming Talk at the Mercantile Day(s).

The reason I am so excited today is I read this excellent piece in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine about Simon hard at work on Treme, his upcoming HBO miniseries.  It made me think about selling something valuable so I can afford HBO for a few months.

I am also excited because I recently read this significantly more profane interview with Simon (WARNING: People of good will are bound to find something offensive and/or incredibly annoying on this page) from Vice magazine, which is easily the most irritating publication ever.  If a magazine could stand in a corner, painfully aloof, wearing an “ironic” tee shirt, skin-tight jeans, vintage Pumas, leg warmers, a piano scarf, and a meticulously mussed hairstyle while dismissively passing judgement on your record collection, that is exactly what Vice magazine would be doing, right after Vice magazine rolled its eyes at my hopelessly dated description of a hipster get-up (Sorry- I haven’t had a chance to observe any hipsters for several months now).

By the way, I think one of the reasons the Vice interview is a good read is because the interviewer is so in awe he doesn’t even attempt to seem more clever than his subject. Most refreshing.

-Norm De Plume

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