Espressing Oneself

The genuine leather wristband had become genuinely repulsive and frankly dysfunctional, so we trotted over to the watch wallah in the Karoo Tower where we paid, as usual, whatever the watch wallah wants, just the way we do when the battery dies, and on the way back we decided to support the fancy coffee place in the arcade, so we nipped in and ordered up a single espresso from the surprisingly unwelcoming lass at the counter who charged us whatever she wanted, the way coffee places do, and then served us a tepid two ounces IN A TWELVE OUNCE PAPER CUP! WTF? (As we are told they say now.) We try to support our local businesses and we understand the need for non-chain, free range coffee, but we give up. The national market-dominating chain seems to be the only caffeteria in Hamilton County that has an inkling of what an espresso is about. Ladies and gentlemen, if one is drinking one’s espresso in the coffee establishment, one is to be served one’s espresso in a porcelain cup. Period. End of discussion. No excuses. Oh, and there should be a saucer. This is not about formalities. This is about earthenware holding the heat. O Tempora! O Mores!

-Nemo Wolfe

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