Watch Worldcat Grow

Find in a library with WorldCatAs a new addition to OCLC Worldcat–possibly the greatest invention since the cocktail shaker, I can’t help but post this link to “Watch Worldcat Grow”, which shows, in real time, as new items are added from all over the world to this truly global catalog.   -Ed Scripsi

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  1. I will use this as a tool for bibliomantic divination. When a problem in my life needs solving I will go to “Watch Worldcat Grow” and see what books pop across the screen to see if the titles offer any kind of serendipitous solution.

  2. I’d never thought to compare the genesis of WorldCat to the cocktail shaker, but Wow thanks! This is high praise indeed! Hope the divination process works well. Note there are some fairly large batchloads going in these days of national libraries. You may be seeing lots of nonEnglish materials in your serendipitous solutions!

  3. As far as divination by WorldCat goes “Evaluation and recommendations report on parking management in the city of Madison” is a bit oblique. Any clues as to what this oracular statement might mean for me personally would be most welcome.

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