Ludd Have Mercy

Just when you think political life can’t get any stupider, the Enquirer is still alive to say “Mais, non!,”  Today’s report on the Plum Street Cretins is all about the resistance to the Kindle reading device.  Acting on a sensible recommendation from councilamerican Roxanne Qualls, the city machinery purchased Kindles for each and every councilamerican so that the reams and reams and reams of legislative baloney cranked out by council in its valiant, neverending fight to justify its existence, when it could be replaced by two houseplants and copy of People would no longer need to be printed in the ridiculous, featherbedding City Hall print shop for each and every meeting of the august body and its nearly as august committees, but would exist digitally until actually needed on paper.  Cost savings to the city after purchase of the wee readers?  Something like $25k.  Where do the great moral giants stand on the use of the wee readers?  Go to the article.  We’re ready for a warm bath and a straight razor.

Oh, and had Norm used his time more efficiently, he would have had time to run for City council, a race he would have won handily, and he wouldn’t have had to whine in public for a free Kindle.  He would have been handed one.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. wath would philipp roth say?

  2. Vote Quimby!

  3. ^ there ya go !

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