The Future is Nigh

[Michael+Whelan+-+2010-+A+Space+Odyssey.jpg]As Dr. Dimitri Moisevitch says to Heywood Floyd in the opening pages of Arthur C. Clarke’s 2010: “We’re merely playing with lots of crazy guesses I’d be ashamed to tell you.  Yet none of them, I suspect, will be half as crazy as the truth,” which pretty much sums up the business of science fiction, futurology, and so forth.  Still, on the cusp of the second decade of the 21st century, it’s interesting to note how reality adds up to fiction.  Every family might not own a flying car, but we do have the option of owning a Prius which, let’s face it, is a pretty futuristic looking car.  A super computer hasn’t as yet gone crazy near Jupiter, but suddenly everyone is running around with a hand-held computer more powerful than what was considered, just decades ago, a supercomputer…  not to mention all of these devices are connected through the “mobile internet” (which is where the safe money is being placed on “wealth creation” these days).  Who knew?  But while innovations like pocket computers abound, there’s still plenty of poverty and craziness, not to mention general mayhem, viz. this essay by George Saunders on a week spent in Tent City U.S.A. in Fresno, CA. Will we soon be driving around in Thorium-powered Priuses? Is the plural of Prius Prii?  I leave you to ponder these important questions while you enjoy a safe and happy New Year.

-Ed Scripsi

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