Kirkus Reviews to Close, Librarians Scramble to Figure Out How They’re Going to Choose Books

We’re surprised, sad, and not just a little appalled to report that Kirkus Reviews, for which a number of Stacked’s bloggers–well actually all of them–reviewed, is closing.  The demise of a critical voice that dates back to 1933 is terrible news for the same reason that many publishers are delighted by the news.  Kirkus cultivates a reputation for serious criticism.  The publication has no qualms about giving a bad review, which means that a good review has real value, a quality that increases in usefulness in direct proportion to that growing mountain of rubbish with which we are inundated.  This is why many librarians rely on it as a tool to choose new acquisitions and choose them well.  According to this New York Times article, Martin Shepard of the Permanent Press has started a campaign to revive Kirkus as an online publication.  Fight the good fight, Mr. Shepard.  -Ed Scripsi

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  1. That explains why I never see Kirkus excerpts on the back of books! I’d always wondered why, and now I know that it is because Kirkus didn’t like those books!

    I love when a mystery is solved, although I am sad Kirkus is closing. They did use an obscene amount of paper, however. I think an online version is a great idea.

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