The Mercantile’s Online Catalogue

Actual depiction of the online catalogue racing to locate the book you are thinking about reading

Thanks to the support of the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services and the State Library of Ohio, and to the patience and work of employees of U.C. Libraries, Back Stage Library Works, and OCLC Online Computer Library Center, the Mercantile Library’s catalogue has gone digital and taken up residence on the servers of the University of Cincinnati Libraries online catalog, as well as OCLC Worldcat (you’ll need a Public Library card number to access Worldcat through this link).  Our OCLC symbol, which is to libraries what airport symbols are to airports, is “PPLCX”.  The new, fully searchable catalogue, along with vastly improved lighting in the stacks, ushers in an era of getting to know this lovely collection all over again, and coincides with the re-opening in mid-January of the Mercantile’s improved 11th floor reading room (renovated doesn’t seem right–it’s the same lovely old space under the sleek new paint and wonderful added features like the aforementioned lights, and new south stacks and second level, which present both a loft-like overhead retreat and an exciting new angle from which to view your fair library).

Search the Mercantile Library’s holdings HERE.

-Ed Scripsi

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