Before a Mercantile patron officially requested Chuck Klosterman’s new book, Eating the Dinosaur, giving me the green light to order a book I already wanted to order, I’d run into this Flavorpill piece on Klosterman’s unique position as a pop-culture critic whose career spans the ascent of bloggers.  Nobody else, Fernanda Diaz maintains, could have gotten this book published today.  So suddenly the critic of pop culture becomes himself a sort of canary in the coal mine of current  affairs, blog-vis-a-vis-book-wise.  Obviously I don’t have time to sit around the library all day reading, but Klosterman lays right into the topic of what it’s like to be Chuck Klosterman, what it means to be a journalist writing today, to be talented enough to be worthy of his awesome job, etc., so you bet I’ll be reading this, because I’ll read anything that is perversely and recursively about itself. Movies too–I’ve seen almost every Kaufman film twice except that recent unwatchable one.   Not that you asked, but I do like his work, Klosterman’s that it, and attribute the widespread popularity of the man and his voice to a) his earnestness in the quest for meaning in possibly meaningless world of pop culture (who can’t relate to that) and  b) to his hilarity, a.k.a. wry sense of humor, and not wry in that smarmy albeit very funny mode so often associated with pop culture commentary, especially music reviews.  Oh yeah, and because that earnestness contributes to accessibility in a world I’m totally waaaay below average ignorant of (wasn’t allowed to watch televion, etc).  Reading Klosterman feels a lot like you’re having coffee in some diner with this guy who’s interesting and knowledgeable, and just keeps talking while you wonder things like: what’s with the beard, Chuck? and is also polite enough not to interrupt his lengthy, albeit totally fascinating diatribe on the drug-addled psychology behind Kurt Cobain’s creative decision-making-process by smacking the table and telling you to stop looking at his beard. His subjects seem to open up to him too, as in this piece on Val Kilmer he wrote for Esquire. Even better, check out his intrepid descent into the mind of Axl Rose. -Ed Scripsi

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  1. […] am an avid Stacked reader, and a huge Ed Scripsi fan, so when he suggested we all check out Chuck Klosterman’s Eating the Dinosaur several months ago, I took note.  And when a rare and glorious window opened up […]

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