Just like the two Lexington, KY library employees in this story, I have been keeping what I believe is the naughtiest book in the Library’s collection out of circulation for the past year.  I consider it my moral duty to make sure no 11-year-old will ever get his or her grubby little hands on the 1873 edition of Wilkins Illustrated Anatomical Treatise on the Female Ankle.

Believe me, it is some hot stuff.

Also,  just like those two, I have marked the sauciest ankle illustrations with post it notes.  For, uh… future reference.

– Norm De Plume

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  1. Oh for shame!

    Heck, maybe even Peter isn’t old enough to read this yet…

  2. That totally reminds me of one of the librarians at the Clifton branch always covering the cleavage on Cosmo magazine with the circulation sticker.

  3. Well, it’s like I always say: If a book or a magazine cover isn’t suitable for very small children, then no one should have access to it.

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