Virtue rewarded

We have made it clear countless times how very strongly we disapprove of logrolling and how we genuinely detest backscratching, and we think most of you knew that without our having to be reminded. Still, we cannot help feeling just a little squeamish about the recent citation of this modest but in the long run exceptionally interesting blog amongst the five best Cincinnati blogs in the blog sector of the December 2009 Best of the City issue of the city’s most thoughtful and visually attractive monthly journal Cincinnati Magazine now available on newsstands and in plastic surgery lobbies throughout this best of all possible metro regions. Some of our more cynical readers might connect various dots, even though we swear by all that we hold holy that those dots are as random as a flock of Rhode Island Reds.

We don’t need to tell you, do we, that the heartwarming and circulation boosting mention was in no way solicited, and that it would no more occur to us to lobby for inclusion than it would to find some way to let the world know how we have long held Cincinnati Magazine publisher Patrice Watson to be the shrewdest media executive west of the Appalachians or in what esteem we hold Jay Stowe amongst magazine editors of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, or how Senior Editor Linda Vacariello has throughout her peerless career evinced unparalleled ken, savvy, and style in article after article after article?

We didn’t think so.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. Congratulations to the blogging team at my favorite subscription library!

    (Although I do wonder how the staff of Cincinnati Magazine could fail to recognize the value of the cat pictures and 10-part It’s a Wonderful Life recaps on my own blog. Fix! Fix!)

  2. Congratulations. Well-deserved recognition of a well-written blog is heart warming.

  3. Congratulations!

  4. Congrats. And dare I say it but methinks that Patrice is also no doubt the shrewdist media executive West of the Alleghenies….or at least west of J. Jonah Jameson.

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