“… at best a short story sketch, at worst a collection of 138 index cards…”


The reviews are in for The Original of Laura, Nabokov’s posthumous “novel,” (which has been covered extensively on this web log)  and the consensus seems to be that, in the unlikely event he has not already done so,  Dimitry Nabokov should prepare himself for a vigorous haunting by the irate ghost of his late father.

It sounds like this thing isn’t anywhere close to being a novel.  Which makes sense.  You can only fit so much onto 138 index cards.

I’m still looking forward to the Library’s copy showing up.  Hopefully, staff will be allowed to punch out and play with the perforated copies of the cards on each page.

-Norm De Plume

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  1. Nothing should be published that is not finished! Not music, not books, not blogs, not screenplays- NOTHING! I can’t see why it would ever even be considered by anyone.

  2. I think you could make a case here if it was almost- or even kind of almost- finished, but it sounds like it really wasn’t far along at all

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