Dogs on bikes

dogonbikeHow happy are we about the improved chance of a streetcar stop across from our front door? We are very happy indeed. We don’t, as a rule, prognosticate, but we had gotten the feeling that citizens of the city proper were feeling just a little irritation at the assumption that they were incapable of seeing the ramifications of government by plebiscite and that they would bring that irritation to the ballot box. Or ballot thingy. Whatever you call that chadfree gizmo we use now. And we were right.

When the street car does stop at 414, we will be looking for the first passenger off to be member Casey Coston, flaneur in residence at Soapbox whose extremely sensible take on dogs in the city center is, as is always the case when he is given space, the most important piece in the magazine. Perhaps it is not too soon to be working on the authorities to make sure that when the route opens, dogs will be every bit as welcome as bicycles.

Did we all see that Seattle elected the bike guy instead of the business guy to be the next mayor?

And have we all read the v. good rant on greenwashing in Sustainable Cyclist?

And speaking of bicycles, there was an immensely interesting flap and counterflap between Urbanophile Aaron Renn and Ta-Nehisi Coates involving cities, bikes, race and other subjects of immediate interest to readers of this blog. But read Casey first.

-Nemo Wolfe

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