Apple vs. the inevitable

the_week_15470_27If reports out of Australia and New York are to be believed, Apple is working closely with newspaper publishers as it prepares to release its long-rumored tablet computer into the wild.

This can’t be bad news for the newspapers, but how good is it? As you probably know, things are looking increasingly grim for the industry. Can a sleek, Apple-branded device turn things around, or at least de-steepify the colorful lines on this chart?  Presumably, owners of the device would pay cash money to subscribe to iTablet versions of their favorite papers.  Yet it’s hard to imagine Apple creating a tablet that wasn’t able to access the internet, and thus the free copies of the newspapers that live there.  Perhaps Apple and the newspapers are banking on readers paying extra money to read an iTablet optimized version of the paper.

Rumor further has it that the new device will provide an easy way to purchase and read books, magazines, and textbooks.  Not bad, especially coming from a company run by a guy who thinks “people don’t read anymore.”

-Norm De Plume

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  1. […] with Newspapers So if we read Norm correctly, Apple is making its own Kindle type device for reading, among other things, newspapers, […]

  2. I too prefer to read books on Kindle but I’d rather read magazines and newspapers the old way. It has to do with the ability to scan for stuff that interests me as I turn the page. I almost never used the table of contents on the paper versions and don’t like doing so on Kindle.

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