Independent Libraries Across the Pond

Books, 1935A handsome booklet arrived today from the Leeds Library, produced by the Association of Independent Libraries, titled “Historic Libraries in Partnership”.  The Independent Libraries of Great Britain are as diverse and splendid as those over here, but surpass ours in their antiquity.  

The publication, which I couldn’t locate on the internet, or would have summarily linked to, includes a map on which you’ll find the Innerpeffray Library in Scotland, founded in 1680, the Morrab Library of Cornwall, and many lovely libraries in between.  This map is all well and good, but the thing to do would be to rent a Cooper and tour them all, which Nemo has selflessly offered to do as Stacked’s foreign correspondent, as soon as he can break away from his desk for a couple of weeks.  He promises to blog from the road on what will prove to be, no doubt, a voyage of discovery.  -Ed Scripsi

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  1. […] miss Ed’s entry below, and be sure to follow the links. We’re going on that tour if it’s the last thing we do. But […]

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