Byatt at the Hyatt

300px-AS_Byatt_PortraitA.S. Byatt will be here Saturday.   If you don’t have your ticket, you have until close of business on Thursday to get one.

Dame Antonia writes long, so we parceled out the Byatt books amongst various members of the family.  The President re-read Possession, the Non-Blogger and the Maths Historian got the new one – The Children’s Book – and we, as faithful readers know, got The Virgin in the Garden.  So as not to embarrass ourselves too much if Dame A. popped a Possession question on the way in from CVG, we watched the Possession DVD starring the wooden and dopey Gwyneth Paltrow and her total opposite Jennifer Ehle Sunday, and Mrs Wolfe, who watched alongside, assured us that it was pretty close plotwise to the very thick and quite learned book version.  It will be best if that question doesn’t get popped, though.

Even though we have a long list of things we should be doing, we picked the ML copy of The Children’s Book and started reading and had the same reaction as the Maths Historian which was to be sucked straight in and want not to do anything else.

Byatt was on the wireless yesterday being grilled by a Terry Gross stand-in.  We thought she was great, but we warn anyone who is coming for round two of last year’s Baldacci event that except for the piss-up beforehand, this will be as different as it is possible to be.  Glorious.  But different.

-Nemo Wolfe

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