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mercbikesReaders amongst the Stacked faithful who care and care deeply about our cycling posts need to know that David Byrne’s Bicycle Diaries has arrived here at the nation’s most cycling friendly library and is available for your reading pleasure.  Please do not read it while cycling.  We are trying to break motorists from texting while driving, and we don’t need to be setting a bad example.  If the Byrne book is out (and we know there will be a long waiting list and that it may be necessary to buy two copies) we suggest you take a look at Jeff Mapes’s Pedaling Revolution.  If you don’t want to be the choir being preached to you may want to check out Two Billion Cars by Daniel Speering and Deborah Gordon,  or Tom Vanderbilt’s fabulous Traffic as it is always smart to know the enemy.

And speaking of the enemy, yesterday’s Enquirer had a sweet, innocent post by a nice lady runner in Monfort Heights who wondered if it might not be a good thing to have more sidewalks.  The vitriol she brings out from the always vitriolic Enquirer commenters may have you thinking about a relocation.   And if you want to poke your eye with a really sharp stick, take a look at some of the reactions to Krista Ramsey’s modest thoughts on mass transit improvements.

-Nemo Wolfe

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