Putting the angst back in Angstrom


Last night was the first session in Tony Covatta’s literary tour of Updike Country.  Tony’s discussion series are v. v. popular.  They always fill up quickly and there is often tension and ill feeling when people find themselves on the waiting list.  But, you know?  It’s a discussion group, so it has to be grouply rather than crowdly.  And we always print a warning on the card. The book in question was Rabbit Run, which nobody seemed to like very much.  That didn’t stop the discussion, of course, but it did cast a light and damp blanket over things, in our opinion.  Nobody pointed out that the Updike moniker was glowing in copperplate above their heads where it is one in a ring of grand and grandish names of Library lecturers.  He was here twice, don’t you know, once for a Niehoff Lecture and once on that visit that Jim Schiff wrote the book about.  Nice both times.  No airs.  None.  Nice man.

We’re betting next month’s short stories will go down smoother.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. Paradoxical that such a nice man would create a character who is so initially unappealing as Harry. On the other hand, a number of the discussants felt they understood Harry a bit better after what I thought was a fairly lively and very intelligent discussion. Rabbit is far from perfect, but definitely a complex figure.

    It will be interesting to see if the group hears any echoes of Harry in the figures of the four short stories we will be reading in October.

  2. Intelligent discussion from the group–the leader left a bit to be desired.

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