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We remember how many pleasant hours we spent watching the rebuilding of Ft. Washington Way when that happened.  Somebody had tied a camera to a crane or a flagpole or a parapet so all the world could see the progress as it progressed.  Were we the only one who tuned in?  The technology was a little cruder.  The pictures were a bit primitive.  But it was possible to carry out sidewalk superintendance from the comfort of one’s desk, so that was nice.

We’re not doing that here.  We need to be able to milk the makeover of the reading room for all it’s worth, so you won’t be getting daily, weekly, or monthly updates of the progress on 11.  But we will allow a small peek from time to time under controlled situations.  Today’s peek shows the original library color which will be preserved in a new closet where we can show it to historic preservationists who asked us why we didn’t go for the original:

rancid green

And we think you should see the iconic shushing library goddess who looks like she is being held by terrorists:

silencia hostage

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. Haha! At last! The Shusher becomes the shushed.

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