Still adrift in the Triangle


So when we wrote about the Midwestern crime novel problem, we should have made it clear to you that what we were pining for were really really good crime novels, but we didn’t.  A faithful reader sent us a link to Chicago crime writers that sent us to the unreachable stacks where we became covered in construction filth looking for examples of the writers on the list and took them home to play with them.  We’re not encouraged.  The first one we tackled was watery Grisham who we already think of as plenty watery.  And flicking through the rest, I don’t think it’s going to get a lot better, so we will be driven back to the Virgin in the Garden and The Sound and the Fury where we probably should have been all along.  But look at this.  Miami’s not nearly as big or as crime ridden as Chicago is it?  But they’re awash in the good stuff.  And even if they didn’t have all John D. McDonald, Edna Buchanan, Carl Hiaasen, and God knows who else, they have MICHAEL GRUBER.  Yikes.  Oh, and Michael Connelly seems to live across the state in Tampa now instead of LA.  It’s just not right.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. All those great Florida authors know that the heat there will drive people crazy. Heat also means skimpier clothes. A dead body is more interesting clothed in a bikini than a snowsuit. A body found after a few days in the Ohio River will pale in comparison with one left in a swamp! Describing a working lunch at a Cuban restaurant would fill a few pages, where a trip to Skyline would be less colorful, no? There is much fodder for their imaginations down there, you really can’t blame them for the choice.

  2. Yeah, but Chicago – or what the Trib used to and may still call Chicagoland – contains everything from blindingly rich suburbs like Kenilworth to huge Mexican enclaves to neighborhoods where everybody’s roots are in rural Alabama to Boystown to Hyde Park, and the governmental units are fabulously corrupt. There’s also a huge sailing population and a zillion religious institutions. Everything you need for great crime.

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