The Robot Uprising Has Already Happened

robotHumans didn’t notice.  Also, we lost.  That’s how smart these robots are.  For example, an alien race, arriving on earth right now would assume–and accurately–that we are simply fleshy hosts for our iPhones.   How many times have you been asked, on the internets, whether you’re human? Now why else would someone need to ask a question like that?  Clearly, machines have gotten the better of us, which is why Norm and I have long suspected that somewhere, in some forgotten sub-sub basement, the spawn of Univac has been cranking out titles for less than super-high-grade novels, especially thrillers.  Turns out this computer, which had always been told that it was a super-computer, boasting an entire floor of air-cooled tube transisters and 64 K of memory, was somewhat irked to discover that it hasn’t really been much of a supercomputer at all since the arrival of the Commodore Amiga 500.  Here are three links that confirm our suspicion about the existence of this rogue title generating computer.  You’d think that if you could write an entire book, you could dream up a title, but if, having completed your 900 page bildungsroman, you find yourself sapped, these might prove to be a valuable resource. -Ed Scripsi

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