Books and Their Proper Setting

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If we publicly confess our sloth will it shame us into action?  Still sitting unfinished on the beside table are The Sound and the Fury and The Virgin in the Garden, both of which we swore we would finish long ago.  Currently impeding progress on Faulkner and Byatt is the wonderful Iain Pears whose The Dream of Scipio is on our list of the five best books of the modern era.  The new one, Stone’s Fall, is not yet on that short list, but there is time.  We are only halfway through, but we expect we will finish this weekend at the expense of Wm. F and Dame A.  We have to say that we are still waiting to be swept away by The S & the F.  Maybe sweeping away wasn’t what Faulkner had in mind.

When that stack is done, it’s on to The Children’s Book so that when A. S. Byatt lands in October we will be able to tell her how fine we think it is.  White Pebble Amazoned her way to a British copy of the new Byatt which isn’t on newsstands yet, so you can get her well-informed take if you can’t wait for hours.

Are you reading your Pears/Byatt/Faulkner in a pokey suburban flat, wishing you lived somewhere more atmospheric?  Go to Visualingual today for a link to emerging neighborhoods you could possibly afford.  We assume lapsed member Keith Pandolfi gets credit for the Covington listing in the piece.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. […] those of you who have money in the will-he-finish-the-Faulkner-before-the-Byatt pool, we must confess that we have been seriously distracted not just by The Shield but by Chandler […]

  2. […] the rest, I don’t think it’s going to get a lot better, so we will be driven back to the Virgin in the Garden and The Sound and the Fury where we probably should have been all along.  But look at this.  […]

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