The Ignorance of Blood- Robert Wilson’s latest which you will read if you know what’s good for you

33956974Did you go to the shelf for Robert Wilson’s The Hidden Assassins when I told you to?

You did?  Aren’t you glad?  Did you know that there’s a new one out?  Yes.  It’s The Ignorance of Blood.  I read it this weekend and it’s excellent.  All the stuff we count on:  Seville, heat, brutality, lust, food, night, terrifying Russians.  Superb.  Operatic.

You didn’t?  Why not?  Does a rave review from an increasingly hard-to-please connoisseur of crime fiction mean nothing to you?  Perhaps you should remove yourself from the fellowship of Stacked readers.  We have nothing more to say to each other.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. Hey Nemo, so what’s the best Wilson Book. How do you feel about A Small Death in Lisbon, specifically?

  2. I specifically feel good about A Small Death In Lisbon. And I think Wilson’s quality is pretty even. I have yet to put one down and think that he was just marking time or meeting a deadline.

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