A hidden danger of Kindle ownership


If no one can see what you’re reading, no one will know how hip you are.

It isn’t often I read an essay that so strongly fills me with the desire to never, ever find myself on a long car trip with its author.

-Norm De Plume

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  1. Very true…that’s one of the few reasons I read.

  2. I have never been so tempted to email a link to the most pretentious ass I know, with a note: “Saw this and thought of you.”

  3. If I’m reading in public, I always try to disguise what I’m reading, whether by folding over or flattening on a table, because I don’t want to look like I’m trying to get attention for my incredible, unimpeachable taste, but if I go to someone’s home, I always look through their books, records, movies, etc. to get a sense of who the person is/what the person is all about. Often, though, I find the things I really like are things that someone else has left there, so maybe cultural ephemera isn’t the best measure of the man. A quick glance at my bookshelf would make it seem as though I’m way, way more into mid-20th century feminism than would be mildly accurate, after all.

    The Kindle is kind of cool, though. My dad has one and the NY Times pops onto it every day. He recently went on vacation and read the Times, cover-to-cover, on the beach each day. I think that could possibly be the happiest I’d ever seen him.

  4. When I read in public, I usually just slip a Jonathan Franzen dust jacket over my Nancy & Sluggo Treasury.

  5. How about when you wake up some morning, fire up the Kindle and find that the book you were reading has disappeared. This just happened with the works of George Orwell. At least they credited the price to their customers.

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