Branching Out

12thSorry.  It’s hard to blog when you’re sorting through desk vomit.  Desk vomit is the undigested and perhaps indigestible collection of salt packets, erasure crud, dead post-its, paper clips, twelve year old business cards, etc. etc. und so weiter that spills out on the new desk top when you relocate, which we did to the remarkably comfortable penthouse upstairs from the branch library (pictured) we jury-rigged over the weekend.   The desk vomit is largely gone.

The branch works fine, by the way.  Thank you for asking.  The regulars are finding their way up with not a lot of trouble.   The quarters are closer, of course.  That can’t be helped.  So the snorers may go through a little adjustment.  But it will work out.

Don’t forget to call your state Senators and Representatives to point out to them that libraries, unlike penitentiaries, are a service that many of us use, and that draconian cuts have a whiff of the old Statue of Liberty ploy.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. And what of us Bluegrass folks? What can we wot enjoys the litter rarie divers sons do? How can we help?

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