A non-literary Friday diversion- The St. Pete Times vs Scientology

logo_sptimes_lrail VS 2292726326_72afdcd569

Before you click on the below link, please be aware of the following:  The Mercantile Library is a completely inclusive association which loves everyone equally regardless of race, creed, color, and/or political affiliation.  The Library doesn’t care whether you are atheist, agnostic, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Confucian, Cargo Cultist etc, or whether your “church”  is actually a kind tax exempt for-profit corporation run by extortionist thugs whose principal beliefs are derived from science fiction novels.  I would add that when L Ron Hubbard’s cyrogenically preserved head completes its plans for global domination, the Mercantile will welcome its new cultish yet corporate overlords.  With bells on.

Having said that, may I subtly AND WITHOUT ENDORSEMENT draw your attention to this piece of investigative journalism from the St. Petersburg Times.

-Norm De Plume

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  1. Truth is stranger than religion founded on science fiction. That’s the adage, right?

  2. I dunno. They’re both pretty strange. I’d hate to make that call.

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