Complete Wrap-up of Complete Streets

Two headlines from last night’s intense and graphic Complete Streets event:

Quallsr cropped

Headline #1.  From Councilperson and Deep Policy Czarina, the estimable Roxanne Qualls:  Her highest priority for restoration of two-way traffic is the Wm. H. Taft/Calhoun –McMillan street pair.  The Hon. Roxanne blames one way traffic for the ruination of the Walnut Hills commercial quarter.  We wouldn’t go that far – postwar suburbanization and streetcar assassination contributed, but one-way vehicular sewage systems certainly were and are part of the toxic mess at Peebles and DeSales corners.  So we approve.


Headline #2.  From Urban theorist Clete Benken:  Lexington – Lexington! – is farther along than Cincinnati in Completing Streets.  There is no excuse for this.  Even with Urban-County unigov, Lexington is saddled with some of the emptiest political heads west of the Alleghenies.  To have this politically rotten city charge ahead with undoing one-way streets and dopey 20th century parkettes while we here in Charter Paradise cling to our suburban evacuation system is inexcusable.  Action must be taken.

It was a heavenly night for policy wonks.  Heavenly.

Others slept.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. It was a great turnout. (And the lowest average age of any event at the Merc for me!) Sorry I couldn’t stay for the Q & A.

  2. great event…and kudos a tu for the “West of the Alleghenies” reference.

  3. Dan, ageism is ageism. If it weren’t for some of the gray heads, the “Merc” would be in more than a little trouble. Anyway, back to Complete Streets. . .pertinent topic always, our urban environment. Too bad Clete had to leave w/o any real discussion, though.

  4. Just C: I completely understand that and obviously realize the members the Merc has are vital. However, as I stated on my blog once I’d like to see 150 new members next year in honor of the Merc’s 150 anniversary as I’d like to see it around for another 150.

  5. Nononono. It’s 175 years in business. So we have to get 175 new members. At least.

  6. Oh, sorry! That’s what I meant!

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