Road Dogs

The "Dickens of Detroit" mugging with his trusty typewriter

Nemo Wolfe’s out of stuff to read.  Not really into the stuff he’s got piled up.  Sees the new Elmore Leonard called Road Dogs on Ed’s desk and picks it up knowing nobody’s going to miss it since Ed hasn’t gotten around to cataloguing yet.  There’s a chance maybe Rennie might come in asking for it, Rennie always looking for the latest stuff, up on all the release dates. Road Dogs takes Nemo two – two and a half hours.  It’s a skinny book.  Turns out Leonard’s saved himself a lot of back story time bringing back Jack Foley from Out of Sight.  Foley’s the guy George Clooney played in the movie with Jennifer Lopez, and most of the time Nemo’s seeing Clooney while he’s reading, only the guy in the book doesn’t talk like Clooney does, so it’s a little confusing.  Nemo liking the book a lot because Foley hangs out most of the time in Venice in LA and Nemo’s been there.  And Dawn, who’s got the house in Venice, she’s pretty good, sort of like she might be in a Michael Gruber book.  One of the crime ones, not the art ones.  There’s a rough minute when Nemo has to stop in at the Library to do some bookkeeping on Saturday.  Ed, the duty guy, asks him hey did he take that Elmore Leonard out?  Nemo has to tell him he did, but they both know there’s nothing Ed can do about it.  Nemo brings the book back Monday morning wishing he had five or six Leonards he hadn’t read.  Leonard’s the best.  -Nemo Wolfe

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  1. That Elmore! The boy can write.

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