Further Bike and Crime


Gratuitous photo blending the concepts of "bike" and "crime"

Bike and Crime Month continues up to the last day of this month.  Because one can, one grabbed the uncatalogued Lee Child (Gone Tomorrow) for one’s own personal reading over the holiday and enjoyed it thoroughly but agreed with whichever reviewer found it not quite top form and further agreeing that Reacher’s usually more fun when he’s in a small town than when he’s in the city, which he very much is in this latest, being in New York on every page.  One did, of course, return the book in pristine shape before the weekend was up.  No one missed it.  One hopes.  One had rather better luck with The Way Home,  the new George Pelecanos which cost four bucks less for the below mentioned John Sandford product Wicked Prey when downloaded to the NemoKindle.  Word for word, Pelecanos was much the better value.  What an honest writer.  What a mensch.  The best.

On the bike on the way to return the Lee Child, one was pulled over by an enthusiastic and attractive, lightly studded young PR employee near Taste of Styrofoam who urged me to lock the Nemocycle to a nearby lamppost in order to test drive a new German built Ford Fiesta.  One tries to balance cycling and motoring in one’s life, and there is a place for nimble autos as long as they don’t suck up too much Arab oil, so one took the test drive in a sprightly 5 speed manual and found it more than pleasant.  And the sound system that took verbal orders was awesome.  Awesome.  -Nemo Wolfe

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